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We're busting out of our seams!  Come see the selection!

Our retail store has been in business for over 25 years so it's going take a while to get it all online! 

Call or email today if you don't see what you're looking for!

Pictured above: ammo cans, camping items and web gear components, glove and hat section.  We carry seasonal hats all year long - if it's not out on the shelf - just ask!

Pictured above: A small sample of our boot selection, field jackets in various patterns, and a wide variety of work wear (coveralls, rainsuits) and cold weather parkas and M65 field jackets (issue and import).

We have all types of hats and helmets to protect your head for whatever the reason.  Some examples are: US M1 helmet w/liner, Kevlar helmet, Pith helmets (issue and non-issue), Kepi hats (Confederate and Union) and the always distinguishable Cracker Jack hat.  Not pictured are boonie hats, patrol caps, ball caps, and wool caps.

Check out our "HATS" page for more!


We carry a wide variety of patches, ribbons, medals, and pins in house but of course we cannot stock them all.  ACU, color and subdued patches are available for all active units in the military.  Call us today to see if yours is in stock - if not we are happy to order it for you!


Dog Tags:  Dog tags are available for order at $10.00 a set and includes 2 tags, 2 chains & 2 silencers.  Up to 5 lines, 14 characters per line.  We do carry blank dog tags in stock.  Please allow 14-21 days for your order.  Rush orders are possible, additional charges may apply. 

  We carry the clear style car window decal stickers. 

Entrenching tools pictured from left to right:  West German folding shovel w/pick SOLD OUT; import US type 60's era shovel with pick  SOLD OUT; US type tri-fold shovel w/cover; West German shovel (no pick) w/cover SOLD OUT.  Not pictured: US issue shovel w/cover.

Gas masks pictured from left to right:  Russian NBC Chemical/Biological Mask $39.99(sold out), Israeli mask with drinking tube attachment point (drinking tube sold separately) with new filter $39.99, M17A1 US GI mask with carrying bag & new filters $49.99, M40A2 US GI mask with hood, carry bag, & new filter $149.99.

Ranger Vest pictured above has 10 pockets to include two internal pockets and one large back panel pocket (2nd pic).  Hood enclosed in collar w/zipper. 

Sizes S - 5XL 

Colors available: woodland, black, urban  $34.99 - and up

Khaki & OD available via special order only 


just under 1 qt in size


3 piece sets w/web belt, canteen & canteen cover



1 qt US Issue Canteen (pic left)



2 qt collapsable canteen (pic left)

w/enhanced cover & carrying strap



1 qt Issue canteen (pic right)


standard $9.99

NBC cap $11.99


US Issue Mess Kit

2 piece set

new & used condition


Steel Mess Kit

5 piece set

stay cool handle


Aluminum Mess Kit

5 piece set

stay cool handle


Black Leather Gloves

sizes 4-5-6

lined & unlined

new & used

$19.99 & up

Wool Fingerless Glove Liners

sizes 4-5-6


Wool Glove Liners

sizes 2-6


Some of our items that aren't pictured:  Pepper spay, blow guns, knives, military manuals (hand to hand combat, etc), military t-shirts, military gift items (mugs, belt buckles, wallets, figurines), flags, head wraps and bandanas, dress uniforms, flack jackets and web gear, laundry bag, duffel bags and ruck sacks, tents, tent stakes, cots, 550 cord, ponchos & poncho liners, wool blankets, fleece blankets (camouflage & service), water purification tablets, water filtration system, long term storable food, mess kits, head nets, face paint, spandoflage, patches & pins, special order name tapes and dog tags, military license plates & bumper stickers, military window decals, flash lights, CO2 for paintball tanks, vehicle first aid kits, compression bandages, military brown towels & washcloths, polypropylene underwear, military sweatshirts & t-shirts, new and used BDU uniforms - various patterns and colors, socks, gloves, scarves, overalls, and much more!  If you're looking for something specific - just ask!  If we don't have it, we'll do our best to get it!