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Little Patriot Page

We have a variety of youth clothing for your favorite little person!  If we don't have the size or color you need in stock, it's our pleasure to order it for you!

Tshirts in sizes XS-XL.  Also available in black, purple, urban, and sky camouflage colors.  Pictured above from left to right: woodland, Army ACU, Marine Digital.

These bottoms come in all the same colors as the shirts to match.  Available in sizes XS-XL. 

Our toddler and infants will find just what they've always needed to rest and play like Dad!  We carry several different styles and colors of cammo for our little people.  There's something for everyone!

We've got flight suits in green and black.  Let's not forget about the little ones, they'll be sure to sneak up on you in their cammy sets!  

These 4 piece gift sets will make your little trooper smile!  Each set contains cap, bodysuit, bib & receiving blanket.  Fits newborns 3-6 months.  Available in (pictured above from left to right) Pink cammo, classic woodland, and ACU patterns.  $19.99 a set