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Come in today to see our selection of head covers!


All of our stock is not shown 




M1 Steel Pot $39.99 (helmet w/liner)

M1 Steel Pot W/Cover $49.99

Warsaw Pact Steel Pot

(complete) $39.99

Pith Helmets

available in White, OD green & Khaki

$15.99 - $29.99


Sailor Hat/Dixie Cup

issue & non-issue

$3.99 - $10.00


available in black, khaki, maroon, blue

$13.99 w/out flash

$16.99 w/US Army flash

Patrol Cap

available in black, od, woodland & khaki


Garrison Cap


ECW Helmet Liner aka Pile Cap

sizes 7 to 7 3/4


Polypropylene Balaclava

one size fits most


Trooper Hat


GI USN Wool Watch Cap

100% Wool

made is USA


GI OD Wool Jeep Cap

Made in USA

aka "Radar from MASH" hat


Combat Hat w/Flaps

made like GI Patrol cap

55% cotton/45% polyester


1st Calvary Hat

First Team


1st Infantry Hat

The Big Red One


2nd Infantry Hat



3rd Infantry Hat

Rock of the Marne



4th Infantry Hat

Iron Horse



10th Mountain Hat

Climb to Glory



25th Infantry Hat



82nd Airborne Hat

In Air, On Land


82nd Airborne Hat #2


101st Airborne Hat

Rendezvous with Destiny


101st Airborne Hat #2



Armour Army Hat


Engineer Army Hat



Artillery Army Hat



Cavalry Army Hat



Vietnam Veteran Hat



Desert Storm Veteran Hat



Police Hat

"SWAT" also available



Marine Woodland Digital Headwrap ACU Headwrap Woodland Headwrap


over 28 styles to choose from!


Urban Headwrap POW MIA Headwrap

Flames and Skull Headwrap Flag Headwrap Checkers Headwrap
Pink Ribbon Butterfly Breast Cancer Awareness Headwrap Headwraps Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Headwrap