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The Critical Assessment

What's really going on in this world?

What dangers are we really facing?

What is the true status of the US and world economics?

Will we have a world wide food shortage?

How serious is the terrorist threat?

Who are the terrorists?

Is global warming real?

Are we facing a world war?

These are only some of the questions people are asking.  Knowing the truth has become a very difficult proposition.  Knowing the status of local and global events is a key element of your survival.  If you rely only on popular mainstream media (i.e. CBS, ABC, CBS, and FOX) exclusively for your news you are ill informed at best.  There are sources of news that do provide accurate, truthful and timely information.  Use these sources to help you determine what is really going on and what current danger levels really are.  ALWAYS double check any news source.

At this time in history, one of our most crucial duties is to stay truly informed.  The decision to make critical preparedness and survival decisions should always be based on facts - not fiction.  The following is a list of some of the reliable news sources I use regularly:

On the Internet:

  • Urban Survival - George Ure
  • Steve Quale - Q Files
  • Genesis Communication
  • Jack Blood
  • Infowars.com - Alex Jones
  • Woldnetdaily
  • International Forecaster - Bob Chapman
  • Rick Wiles
  • Liberty Tree Radio

On Short Wave:

  • Alex Jones
  • Q Files
  • Republic Broadcasting
  • Pat Riley
  • Financial Survival
  • Derry Brownfiled
  • The Power Hour

In Print Media:

  • Emerson Review
  • American Free Press
  • International Forecaster