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Chapter 3: What the hell is hoarding?

Food shortages are now being reported worldwide.  Our mainstream news media is finally reporting this situation as though it has come upon us without warning. 

Many truth seeking persons have been prepared for years.  If food supplies dried up overnight, they would not be worried about their next meal.

I had a woman tell me that she had a new boyfriend that was involved in survival training.  She said she was ready to end their relationship if he started to "hoard food".  As it turns out, this man did procure food and other supplies and soon this level minded, politically correct Yuppiette dumped him - much to his good luck.

 Storing food and supplies is a prudent and smart decision.  It is part of a very thoughtful planning process to insure your life, your family's lives and your close friends lives.  If you use your own hard earned money to buy food and supplies for your family you are not hoarding.

Hoarding could be better portrayed as someone owning a hundred pairs of hip hop shoes or saving 50lbs of rubber bands.

One word of caution: don't tell the entire world about your preparations.  Biff, Muffy and the feds would love to confiscate your stuff when a crisis arises.  The bad guys can say that all they did when they stole your stuff was put an end to your evil, greedy hoarding.  DON'T BRAG ABOUT YOUR PREPARATIONS!!  LOW KEY IS ALWAYS BETTER!