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There is nothing more critical to your survival than your health.  Even if you are badly out of shape, it's not too late to start improving your physical condition.

Start with your diet and a light, but gradually increasing exercise regimen.  Take a walk every day.  Start with 15 minutes and gradually increase to 45 minutes.  Strengthen your arms, hands and chest with isometric exercises.  Sit ups, knee bends and light weight training can also be incorporated.

Your diet should be rich in fiber, vegetables, fish and fruits.  Limit intake of red meat - venison is best.  Use olive oil to cook in.

Soon you'll start seeing and feeling results!  Stay committed to assuring your ability to continue on through your journeys.

Seasonal conditioning is also important.  When it's winter, condition yourself to cold weather.  When it's summer - don't live 24 hours a day in air conditioning.  Get used to the heat.

During your walking, wear the right boots.  In the summer, spring and early fall combat boots or jungle boots are good choices.  In cold weather a good quality insulated and waterproof boot (Gortex lined) is your best choice.  Again, the U.S. Military cold, wet intermediate boot is excellent.  In bitter cold the U.S. Mickey Mouse Bata Boots are great.  (Available at GI Surplus for $100.00)

Remember - your only mode of transportation may be your feet.  Take good care of them!

Leg Cramps:  Try pushing your thumb into the center of the crapm for 30 seconds.  This almost always works.  Repeat if necessary.