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We've got your costuming needs covered!


It doesn't matter what time of the year it is - if you're looking to put together a military uniform  (for any age)- we've got what you need for your costumes for any production. 

Come see why so many have come to us for expert help in putting together a variety of costumes to meet their needs.  We've helped private film makers, commercial makers, drama clubs, reenactors, dance studios, schools & churches. 

We can also help you with props.....just come in and look around or give us a call!! 

If you're putting together a large production let us know!  We give discounts to schools, churches and group orders. 




Adult Section

Now this section is a little harder to break down and the reason for that is that our military uniforms are generally made up of our basic stock items. We can help you create the costume or uniform of your choice most of the time. 

Check out our "Basic Stock Items" page for more!

Please be mindful if you are looking for older items - "retired" pieces that are not made anymore that we may not have them or they may be more of an investment because of what they are.

If you have not found what you are looking for pictured on the site - please call!  We have too much stock to list it all on the website.