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Pet Preparedness

My black lab was actually a family member that rated above the majority of my relatives.  She had a better demeanor, was more loyal and was probably smarter in her own way.

OK - I know animals aren't human.  Some are pets and others are good to eat.  They still deserve the consideration of their owners to prepare for their well being in the case of an emergency.

Some basic rules to consider in preparedness planning for your pets are:

  • Buy large bags of dried food & store it in a dry, cool area
  • Do not store dry food in plastic bags
  • Dry food should last for one year
  • Canned dog & cat food may or may not display an expiration date
  • Canned food should be good at least 1 year after expiration date
  • Always check food using smell test
  • Only give your pets fresh clean water
  • Include an extra blanket, water dish, and towel for each pet in your plans
  • Don't forget extra treats - comfort food :)
  • Reliable leashes
  • A supply of medications if necessary
  • Grooming tools

A regimen of potassium iodate or iodide for each pet incase of nuclear emergency is also a good idea.

Depending on the size and type of animal - it may be worth the investment to get them their own "bug out bag".  It can carry their food, water & maybe a little gear.  Animals have been survivoralists long before humans.  Their natural instincts will kick in for survival.