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Preparing on a Budget

It seems that almost everyone is having to curtail spending even on necessities these days.  A whole new wave of people are beginning preparedness plans and starting to procure and store supplies.

The latest series of world events, hurricanes, gas shortages and the financial meltdown have caused previously complacent non-preparers to now realize they need to obtain and store critical goods and equipment.  Long term preparedness people are re-doubling their efforts to be ready for the worst.

Unfortunately, a new factor is weighing heavily against us in these pursuits.  Lack of MONEY!  This is a very serious concern - but don't give up.  Both old pros and new comers to preparedness do have some viable sources of supplies at budget prices.

Remember - even if you are just starting to prepare and have little money, you can probably do something every day to get the emergency goods and supplies you and your family need for peace of mind and protection.  

I recently bought dried fruit, cans of nuts, vitamins, supplements, candles, first aid supplies, assorted toiletries and drink mixes all for one dollar per item.  

Don't forget your friendly Army Navy Surplus Store - GI Surplus is a great one to visit.  Rugged clothing and equipment are reasonably priced and its a fun place to shop.  There's also a very good chance that you'll meet other people that share your same interests and concerns.

One of the great values are the $19.99 Jungle Boots.  Great for limited budgets and growing feet.

Yard sales and flea markets are other great resources.  Look for good deals at grocery and discount stores.  Try to store at least one extra meal per day - and you can never have enough food stored.  Stored food is a win-win investment.  You are not only insuring that you will eat during an emergency, you are insuring you will eat at yesterdays lower prices.

Even if you have no money, try to learn something new everyday.  Even the most mundane piece of knowledge may be of infinite value in the future.