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Prepare today for the need of tomorrow!




Next class TBD

Classroom Session - Bring Notebook


Land Navigation/Compass Class TBD

**outdoors - dress appropriately**

* registration fee's waived for this class *


   Coming soon - Women's Survial Workshop 


Standard Class:

This is an intense 3 to 4 hour course.  In our preparedness presentation we will cover a variety of timely and very important topics.

We will provide solutions for water and food storage, sheltering in place during emergencies, critical supplies and equipment, emergency lighting and heating and much more.

There will be many exhibits and demonstrations.  This will be a hands on course and we strongly encourage questions from all participants.  We also encourage you to take notes.

Use your newly acquired skills and knowledge to train family members and friends to form your own preparedness and survival team. 

Our survival portion takes you a step further than just preparing for an emergency.  We will discuss mental and physical conditioning, mindset, first aid, water procurement and many other important topics. 

Even if you have done nothing to prepare at this time, this course will not only get you started, it will give you guidance to put together a cost effetive plan for you and your family to survive.

In addition to all the great information you'll leave with, you will also be given a GI Surplus Survival Preparedness Club Card that will give you a discount off all purchases made at GI Surplus. 

Contact us today for more information on this class!   

Registration fee is $35.00/individual or families for $60.00.  Sign up early!! Please email or call to reserve your seat or for information on our upcoming classes!




Basic Preparedness Class Outline


I. Overview of class

  • Preparedness - A definition
  • Survival Training - Definition and overview
  • Our Mission

II. Total Preparedness Plan

  • Home preparation
  • Bug-out Bags
  • Sheltering in Place
  • Contingency planning
  • Determining criticality status
  • On-going preparation and training
  • Networking
  • Places of refuge

III. Additional Equipment Information

IV. Q & A

We are pleased to introduce our own Survival Training Program! 

Roscoe Millington presents "Live to Survive".  This series of ongoing survival training presentations will be offered free of charge to our website visitors.  A new chapter will be added regularly.  All previous material will be archived and available for use and reference. 

This program will offer extensive information on a variety of very pertinent topics that could very well protect you, your family, and your friends well being.

We look forward to this exciting project!



The following compilation of survival training information is the product of over 40 years of experience by the author.  I thank GI Surplus of Wayne for providing the support and use of this website for this project.   - R.M.

Check back soon for more!

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