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5 If's


IF you are hungry - you can be controlled

IF you are sick - you can be controlled

IF you can't travel - you can be controlled

IF you aren't informed, you can be controlled

IF you can't defend yourself, you will be controlled - completely and forever!!

Valuable Information:  Common terms, topics, facts and information for the survivalist.

The following is in no specific order.  It's all pertinent and important.  We will add topics often.


Survival Tablets:  There are primarily two types.  High calorie and high nutrient.  I recommend the high nutrient such as "Life Tabs" by Sam Andy Foods.  One bottle is ten (10) days of full nutrition.

Chlorine Bleach:  Chlorine bleach is the very best universal cleaner and surface disinfectant.  It can also be used to keep water free of mold, bacteria and viruses. 

Pocket Survival Kits:  These are small boxes of bare bone basic survival items such as a small knife, wire, matches, lighter, water purification tablets, fishing gear, etc.  These do not replace Bug Out Bags, but can be carried in suitcases, jackets,  or purses to provide additional preparedness protection.

Potassium Iodide or Iodate:  This is a must for everyone.  These tablets or liquid should be taken as soon as any immediate nuclear threat is verified.  This product fills your thyroid with good iodine to protect you against radiation sickness.

Hand Sanitizer:  (Alcohol based) Hand sanitizer can be used to disinfect your hands and is very effective.  **Additional tip - Sore, tired feet can be rejuvenated by rubbing hand sanitizer on them and then follow up with a few splashes of water.  Let your feet air dry and you're ready for action!

Ramon Noodles:  These are okay as a soup base.  They are NOT good survival food as a stand alone item.  They are low in calories and provide little protein or vitamins.

Waterproof Matches:  are a good fire starting source.  Even though they are waterproof they should be stored in a waterproof match box.

Deet:  Deet based insect repellents are the best.  Don't tell Al Gore.

Nutrition Bars: are excellent for use in Bug Out Bags.  they are available in most drug stores and grocery stores.

Military style canteens:  are the best value both for the cost and ruggedness.  The one quart version can also be carried with a stainless steel canteen cup below it in the carrying pouch.  This can be used for both drinking and cooking.  Military canteens also come in a 2 quart version.

Military Poncho and Liner:  These can provide a variety of uses including acting as a tent, sleeping bag, and water gathering device.

Most commonly overlooked first aid items:  Antihistamine tablets and spray, and a tourniquet.

Colloidal Silver:  Colloidal Silver is a product to get familiar with.  It can be taken internally or used externally to fight a variety of bacterial and viral infections.  I have used it successfully several times including ending a major staph infection.  Always get expert advice on product strength, dosing and application.

Canned and foil packed fish:  are excellent long term and field pack sources of nutrition.

MRE'S - Meals Ready To Eat:  MRE's are good sources of nutrition.  They usually include an entree, side dish, dessert, condiments, and a pouch heater.  MRE's are too large and heavy for use in Bug Out Bags or survival camping.  They are great for placement in vehicles, for storage at home or for short trips.  **Suggestion - make your own MRE's!  Use canned or foil packed fish and meat, nuts, dried fruit, peanut butter & cheese crackers, dried soup mixes and nutritional bars.  There are many additional choices.  Pack each meal individually in zip lock gallon bags.  Make your meals as "preparation free" as possible.

Space Blankets aka Emergency Blankets:  These are polyester, highly reflective sheets that retain up to 90%of body heat in an emergency .  Space blankets also make excellent light weight ground covers for sleeping bags.  There is also a light weight emergency sleeping bag made of the same material.

Fishing Kits:  These are often times included in commercial survival kits.  They are a good idea.  They should however, include items that you won't find in the handle of your Rambo knife.  A good fresh water survival fishing kit should include: large, medium and small size fish hooks, 2 or 3 small treble hooks, 50 ft 10 lb test line, 50 ft 20 lb test line, assorted split shot sinkers, several swivels, a small assortment of artificial flies, small lures & poppers, and pre-packed preserved bait.

Buying Equipment:  When buying your equipment and clothing consider both military and commercial choices.  Get what works for you.  It's hard to beat the military for rugged clothes, boots and equipment.  It's been tested over and over again in the harshest of conditions.  Commercial outlets offer additional choices in camo patterns, tactical footwear and many other non-military applications.  i.e. sleeping bags, tents, flashlights.  Research your needs and shop wisely.  Make sure you not only buy gear, but get seasoned professional advice where you shop.

Shortwave Radio:  A good shortwave radio is a must for preparedness.  There are many excellent shortwave broadcasts that provide true alternative news and programming.  Shortwave allows you to listen to broadcasting from around the world.  Ham operators can be heard over a variety of frequencies especially during times of emergency.  Certain military communications can also be listened to.  These radios may be your only option for emergency information.  Shortwave radios come with a variety of options.  I strongly suggest a digital radio with single side band (upper and lower) capability.  Check for excellent programming and Internet info at www.infowars.com

E.M.P.:  Electromagnetic pulse is the electrical energy surge that travels from a nuclear blast through the air to electronics and electrical circuits in equipment, vehicles and devices.  EMP literally fries solid state circuitry and renders devices permanently out of service.  Vehicles, radios, TV's and many other types of equipment WILL NOT work after an EMP attack.  Electronic equipment can be safely stored in a Faraday cage.

Faraday Cage:  A simple Faraday cage can be made by utilizing a galvanized steel trash can with a tight fitting lid.  Simply take a nylon stocking or nylon mesh bag as a carrier.  Put your electronic devices in the carrier bag.  Stretch both ends of the carrier to opposite sides of the top of the can and secure it by forcing the lid down tight over the ends.  Do not let any device touch the metal. 

Learn something new every day.  Even the simplest of lessons learned can be crucial to your survival.

Common Sense Things:  Always keep your vehicle gas tank as full as possible.  Check oil & fluids regularly.  Always have a pair of glasses (if you wear them); a pair of reading glasses (if you need them); and a pair of sunglasses in your vehicle & Bug Out Bag.  Maintain your vehicle both for economy and dependability.  Carry extra oil, coolant and windshield washer on vehicle.  Always have insect repellent and sun screen available to you.  One or two cans of Fix-a-Flat are good to store on vehicles.  Get some exercise daily.  Learn to eat right.  Maintain your positive attitude!

Learn Self Defense:  Learn self defense techniques and practice them.  Strongly consider Krav-maga.  For more info contact Elliot Santiago at 734-634-3032.  

Medications:  Build up a supply of prescription drugs if you take them.  Keep them in their proper container as to avoid scrutiny by our overseers.

Camouflage:  The best camouflage in a metropolitan area may be a business suit.

Camping:  I enjoy being in the outdoors.  I love camping.  I also love outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, and hiking.  There are times that I enjoy the comfort of a motor home or cabin.  There are other times that I go into survival mode.  This means I stay outside using a variety of survival methods and equipment.  I do this for a variety of reasons; including to stay in practice, to try out new things and because I really enjoy the challenge.  Not ever outdoor excursion has to be a survival trip.  It's okay to enjoy a juicy steak, cold beverage and comfortable bed.  Enjoy your outdoor activities.  If you are camping luxury style you can still practice skills such as food gathering, cooking and fire starting.  You can also combine your adventure with a little primitive survival and convenience.  The main thing is to get familiar and comfortable with nature.  Every trip should be a learning experience.  When camping in areas new to you, take the time to check out the area.  You may discover viable survival locations for you and your family.

Vest:  A good quality vest is a viable alternative for a small Bug Out bag.  It can be supplemented with a pistol belt, pouches and butt pack.  (The above vest is available from GI Surplus up to size 5X and available in black, urban & woodland camo)

Welding:  Learn to weld - w/both acetylene and arc welders. 

Automotive preparation:  Learn survival automotive mechanics and car care.  Everyone should be able to check a vehicles fluid levels, to change a flat tire and to use jumper cables. 

Go a step further and learn to perform oil changes, belt replacements and simple tune up procedures.  Invest in a good set of hand tools.

Be Prepared:  Check your survival kits, Bug Out Bags and back packs regularly even if you haven't used them.  Check dates on medicines, supplements, & foods and replace if necessary.  Improve your supplies whenever possible and financially viable.  IE: replace a mediocre knife with a better one or replace equipment and supplies with new things you think will work better for you.  Remember - you should always be on the lookout for better things for your survival.

Two-Way Radios:  Two-way radios are viable communication tools for field operations.  There are many choices including: FRS, GRS, VHF and the new digital tuning radios.  Most provide communication between units of 2-12 miles, although even the highest rated are generally at the lower end of the distance spectrum on a consistent basis.

Many of these radios feature rechargeable batteries.  Generally, replaceable alkaline batteries fare better for length of service than the rechargeable ones.


Solar Battery Charger:  Solar batter chargers are a very good item to have several of.  This allows field charging of nickel cadmium, and nickel hydride batteries. 

Edible Plants:   Strongly consider attending a seminar or class on edible plants.  Several native american groups provide excellent training in gathering both foods & herbs for cooking and plants * herbs for medicinal use.

Half Hatchets:  A roofing hammer, aka a "half hatchet" makes an excellent weapon and camp tool.  The high carbon steel hatchets can be sharpened to a razors edge and used to butcher large game.

Extend candle burn time:  Extend a candles life by placing finely powdered salt on the top of the candle until it touches the bottom of the black on the wick.  This will assure a mild and steady light.

Walking Sticks:  A good quality walking stick is a very good addition to your equipment.  It will assist you over all terrain and is almost an essential item in hill country.  A walking stick is also handy for clearing spider webs from trails, pushing snakes from your path and of course for self defense.  GI Surplus has a nice selection of handmade USA made walking sticks.  Stop by and check them out -  various sizes and wood types available.

Dutch Ovens:  A dutch oven is a very useful cooking utensil.  A good dutch oven can provide a variety of indoor and outdoor cooking options.  It will last many lifetimes and is well worth its cost.  TIP:  Look for these at yard sales.  Many people sell the once popular dutch ovens thinking they're just "old ugly" pots.

This is a perfect example of the Dutch Oven pots

This page last updated 8/26/08